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Fortress 510 connector

Fortress 510 connector

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The Fortress 510 is a proprietary 510 connector designed for bottom feeding mods.  It will fit the Cycloid v2 and v2.1 with no modification.

The Fortress 510 features:

-Use of micro fasteners to prevent loosening of 510 components during use

-Fine silver plating on BF pin and contact

-Integrated contact which creates a flat surface for a improved conductivity, reduced voltage drop, and arc prevention

-Integrated BF pin o-ring to mitigate leaking

-Manual adjustment for reduced voltage drop and long service life

-Top adjustable with the use of a flathead driver, bottom adjustable with the use a custom hex tool (sold separately)

-Mounts to underside of mod (directly to contact) using screws for improved conductivity and ease of installation

-integrated locking system


The Fortress 510 was designed specifically for use in the Cycloid v2 and v2.1 BF mod.  Its use in other BF mods may require extensive modification